Generation Z

Back in the summer of 2019 I spent a few months reading everything I could find on Generation Z. I think I’m not exaggerating to say I read every scholarly paper I could access through my University, and every book on the subject in its libraries. I wrote a paper for my network of churches,… Continue reading Generation Z

We are made of stories

Our world is made of atoms, of spinning particles of energy careering around one another in a fabulously chaotic and surprisingly ordered way. Or so the story goes. I don’t mean to suggest that I doubt the scientists whose work informs our understanding of physics and matter; I have no reason to do so. What… Continue reading We are made of stories

Justice starts here

We like justice. Our nation cries for it, our discourse is all about it, and Generation Z in particular perceive justice as the highest good. The Bible doesn’t disagree. Justice is good, and God is Just. In fact, justice is fundamentally good news. There is a day coming when all the evil in the world… Continue reading Justice starts here