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I’ve just had an article published elsewhere that I wanted to share with you, and thought I would include some of my other writing published elsewhere over the last year or so.

If you’ve already read these because you follow me on social media and clicked on the links at the time, thanks for your patience, usual service will be resumed with my next post.

Feasting with Elisha

In this article at Theopolis, published last week, I started by exploring how Elisha’s feasts correspond to the Lord’s Supper. Which is always a good thing to notice, every table is in some fashion the Table, like every trip through water is in some fashion Baptism.

I then begin to notice that Elisha’s feasting also sounded a bit like the great Feasts of Israel, five of the seven of them at least. The article includes some reflections on their sequence, the ways Elisha is a type of Christ, and what all of this tells us about what we do with Bread and Wine.

This is longer and a little more technical than the usual fayre here at nuakh.

Why not check it out at Theopolis?

Why People Don’t Leave Social Media

In this article at Mere Orthodoxy, published last February, I explore the question in the title. Why is it that so many of us who know social media is, at best, a mixed blessing, nonetheless do not reduce our usage? Why is it that those for whom it’s actively destructive stay on the platforms? The same questions go for smartphones, which I touch on.

I consider what we can learn from medieval Irish Monks following what they called the ‘green martyrdom,’ and what hospitality to those who chose to forgo digital systems would look like.

This is longer than a typical article at nuakh, but not more technical.

Why not check it out at Mere Orthodoxy?

Jesus’ Search for a Wife

This article, also at Theopolis and published last November, explores the theme of the ‘bride’ or the ‘woman’ in John’s gospel and Revelation. It’s loosely based on the best sermon I’ve ever given: the wedding address at the wedding of two preachers who I love very dearly, and is probably the best thing I’ve ever written too. Though I’m not objective, so you’re welcome to disagree!

This is a similar length to a typical article at nuakh, and at a similar level.

Why not check it out at Theopolis?

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