I wrote this to open our worship on Easter Sunday 2021.

05/04/33 	T. M. Suffield
A day of shadows, hope was kept at bay
the weary sun’s attempted upward rise
akin to our heart’s toil to comprehend
a sign above bare scoffed “The King of the Jews”
heavy is the head that wears a crown of thorns
and nails his orb and sceptre; rags his robe
The third of April, AD thirty three
A traitor hung alone on blighted tree

Chill dawned day; sunlight never bright again
Like all the songs were silenced, stillness reigned
The waiting world she reels she mourns; us too
In vain we hoped for endings, wished for spring
Ground under sin’s iron strain, our load to bear
We work and work in stiff grim regimen
The King of the cosmos his heart without beat
The Son of God became a sack of meat

On Saturday’s dawn long held hopes seem dashed
His fate sealed finally with Roman rock
This backwoods preacher stopped as he began
Another failed Adam claims his grave
Forever languishing in stone-walled gloom
All light extinguished in an ice-cold tomb

The heavens watched on; earth she held her breath
Whispered the question, “Can life come from death?”
A hope we never hoped solidified
A bloodied crusted eyelid opened wide
Light then dawning bright; a spiked hand quivered
From death’s callous fist we are delivered

A stern reply to sins unholy curse
Hell’s heavy burden left at heaven’s gate
Redeemed Eve’s daughters, rescued Adam’s sons
He gathered God’s brood, gleaned a mighty throng
The Spirit poured out in a tomb of stone
To gift us God in the heavens; God in your bones

The final Adam’s promised victory
A throne filled, hope is birthed, a king of mirth
Joy’s precious herald to the last and least
The heel to stamp the snake and down it goes
Victorious he stormed the devil’s den
Fell-handed hero wreaked the dragon’s fall
The Son descended, solving our deep need
His blood shed for us, great his joy to bleed

An end to shame, an end to brutish sin
The blood-bought fruit of Jesus’ sovereignty
Our peace, our joy, our treasured liberty
Repentance’s tonic our sweet gift of faith
Unearned, unmerited, free gift of love
His cost, our benefit, new life to live
Our splendid Sunrise, announced his new day
Scarlet sins now like snow freshly driven
Sisters, brothers! O, Church! He is risen!